In contemporary mobile phone technology, the prevalent usage of ARM-based CPUs, operating within the range of 100Mhz to 400Mhz, is notable. Within such parameters, where numerous video codecs falter in providing seamless video experiences, the Mobiclip video codec distinguishes itself by delivering full-screen videos akin to DVD quality.

Of paramount significance is its minimal battery consumption, affording users the luxury of prolonged phone usage even subsequent to viewing an entire feature-length film on their devices.

Mobile Phones

Through our conducted trials, utilizing a Nokia N70 phone, we achieved uninterrupted playback of a DVD-quality movie for a staggering duration of 6 hours sans the necessity of battery recharging.

The adaptability of Mobiclip extends successfully to mobile phones operating on various operating systems, including:

  • Symbian series 60 (2nd and 3rd editions)
  • Symbian UIQ2 and UIQ3
  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • BREW
  • Linux
  • Windows Pocket PC (2002 and 2003 editions)